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AQA welcomes CPD changes - Inside Resources (18 Oct)

Judging panel named for 2020 NZ Minerals Sector Awards - Inside Resources (11 Oct)



Prescriptive H&S regulations mooted for extractives - Inside Resources (25 Sep)

'Crunch time' for NZ's quarries as aggregate price soar - Radio NZ (20 Sep)


Preview: Concrete NZ Conference 2019 - Inside Resources (5 July)

QuarryNZ: AQA talks funding future - Inside Resources (17 July)

QuarryNZ: IOQNZ sees buoyant growth, stronger CPD - Inside Resources (18 July)

QuarryNZ - No escape for quarries - WorkSafe - Inside Resources (19 July)



Over 100 Kiwi workers could have been exposed to 'new asbestos' specialists warn - 1 NEWS (19 June)

Concerns for Kiwi stonemasons after accelerated silicosis rise in Australian benchtop craftsmen - Stuff (19 June)



NZ MINERALS FORUM: Mine Managers, experts talk worker health and drugs - Inside Resources (29 May)

Robust debate tipped at Minerals Forum - Inside Resources (20 May)

Proposed changes to silica standards - Inside Resources (13 May)



Extractives apprenticeships and training under threat - MITO - Inside Resources (8 April)



NEW POLL: Improving public perception - Inside Resources (13 March)

WorkSafe prosecutes two quarries over failure to comply - Inside Resources (18 March)

MinEx applauds WorkSafe review of CPD - Inside Resources (28 March)



Ari Motus' resignation prompts sector reflection - Inside Resources (8 February)

Quarry visits for IOQ NZ Wellington branch meeting - Inside Resources (12 February)

Firms at risk over workers who smoke - MinEx - Inside Resources (21 February)

Industry needs to be on guard - Contractor Magazine (25 February)


Autonomous tech in AUS prompts USA talks - Inside Resources (14 January)

News from the break: TTR appeal confirmed, new MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (14 January)

Perspectives 2019: Let's not become a BANANA republic - Contractor Magazine (22 January 2019)

Health and Safety at Work Strategy misses mark - MinEx - Inside Resources (29 January)




MinEx to improve access to formal traininf - Inside Resources (9 November)

Executive Interview: Wayne Scott - chief executive officer of AQA and MinEx - Inside Resources (21 November)



Scott ups ante on Govy - Inside Resources (1 October)

Two hats for Scott with AQA CEO announcement - Quarry Australia (8 October)

New award for 2019 NZ Minerals Forum - Inside Resources (25 October)



MinEx supports quarry regs proportionate to size - Inside Resources (28 September)

Wayne Scott new CEO of AQA - Inside Resources (25 September)

Wayne Scott new AWA chief - Q&M Info Blast (25 September)

AQA new chief appointed - Q&M Magazine (25 September)

The case for a peak industry body - Inside Resources (21 September)

Macraes worker discharged from hospital after fall - Inside Resources (13 September)



Asbestos in serpentine confusion clarified - Inside Resources (28 August)

Paul Hunt wants you to talk more - Inside Resources (21 August)

Regs consultation period extended - Inside Resources (16 August)

Site-specific oral exam not specific enough - MinEx - Inside Resources (14 August)

Tougher standards for shotfirers - MinEx - Inside Resources (2 August)


Proposed NO2 standard unworkable for underground mines, tunnels - MinEx - Inside Resources (30 July)

Hunt demands more from extractives - Inside Resources (25 July)

IOQNZ could take over industry training - Inside Resources (20 July)

AQA confirms CEO role, peak extractives body discussed - Inside Resources (19 July)

Apprenticeship programme gains early interest - Inside Resources (11 July) 

Mine egress regulations cause concern - Inside Resources (6 July)

Apprenticeships to attract new extractives workers - Inside Resources (3 July)



Companies urged to fight 'unprecendented' quarry dust monitoring rules - Stuff (29 June)

MinEx factsheet on worker wellbeing - Inside Resources (29 June)

ECan explains crack-down on quarries - Inside Resources (27 June)

War declared over Canterbury quarries - Inside Resources (25 June)

Health officials say quarry dust a nuisance but not a health risk - Stuff (23 June)

ECan imposes dust monitoring on Canterbury quarries - Inside Resources (23 June)

Truck accidents on the rise - MinEx - Inside Resources (8 June)

Industry still not complaint - MinEx - Inside Resources (1 June)



Wait for dust results before requiring quarry buffers - AQA - Inside Resources (31 May)

WorkSafe settles on site-specific CoC - Inside Resources (28 May)

Peak extractives group proposal not dead - Inside Resources (25 May)

Alternative to health and safety prosecution - Inside Resources (25 May)

AQA proposes full-time chief exec role - Inside Resources (23 May)

Venues confirmed for MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (15 May)

OceanaGold to pay $728k for worker death - Inside Resources (9 May)

Back to basics at MinEx workshops - Inside Resources (8 May)

Looming gravel shortage may crush future projects - Quarry Australia (7 May)

WorkSafe advice on silica dust - Q&M Magazine (5 May)

NZ Minerals Forum 2018 Awards finalist: Ravensdown - Inside Resources (4 May)



Little dust in Yaldhurst monitoring - Inside Resources (30 April)

Gravel shortage could throw housing and roading projects into doubt - TV1 News (29 April)

Site specific CoC criteria due June - Inside Resources (13 April)

MinEx seeks introduction of CoC changes by midyear (13 April)

WorkSafe quarry visit discussion - Q & M (10 April)

MinEx wants alluvial gold code of practice included in regulations - Inside Resources (3 April)



Executive Interview - Wayne Scott - chief executive MinEx - Inside Resources (28 March)

Worker confidence key to quarry safety - Inside Resources (27 March 2018)

Silicosis concerns groundless. says extractive industry chiel - Quarry Australia (March 2018)

Lead role for past president in pushing safety compliance - Quarry Australia (March 2018)

Focus on 'near hits' to save lives - Minex - Inside Resources (15 March 2018)

Fall incidents dominate statistics - Australian Mine Safety (7 March)

Driver hurt in Northland quarry crash - Inside Resources (9 March)

Quarry health bosses play down fears of silicosis to Canterbury residents - Stuff (5 March)

WorkSafe asked to improve safety in Kiwi quarries - 1News (3 March 2018)

Change to CoC requirements could help Tai Poutini - Inside Resources (2 March 2018)



Respirable Crystalline Fact Sheet - MinEx (Feb 2018)

Rogue small quarries must shape up of be shut down - AQA News (Feb 2018)

Incident reporting to focus on near misses - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Feb 2018)

MinEx Respirable Crystalline Survey Results

Quarry inspectors needed - Safeguard Update (23 Feb 2018)

WorkSafe forum to focus on extractives training - Inside Resources (19 Feb)

Mentors drive improved quarry exam result - Inside Resources (9 Feb)

Focus where it counts - Safeguard (Jan/Feb 2018)

Wayne Scott, Chief Executive MinEx - Safeguard (Jan/Feb 2018)



Yaldhurst dust monitoring shows safe level exceeded - Inside Resources (15 Jan)

Man in the Middle - Q&M Magazine (Jan 2018)

Call to close non-complying quarries on health and safety - Inside Resources (17 Jan 2018)

Newshub kills quarry dust lung cancer story - Inside Resources (19 Jan)

MinEx says no silicosis risk for residents - Inside Resources (26 Jan 2018)

Industry urges stronger CoC requirements - Inside Resources (29 Jan 2018)

The Battle Lines of Us vs Them - Australian Mine Safety (Summer 2018)

MinEx push for more manager training - Inside Resources (25 Jan 2018)




Mentoring builds confidence and results - AQA News (Dec 2017)

Quarry manager burnout a wake up call - IOQNZ - Inside Resources (5 Dec)

MinEx seeks specific quarry and alluvial regs - Inside Resources (11 Dec 2017)

Yaldhurst dust monitoring failure risk - MinEx - Inside Resources (15 Dec 2017)

Call to save lives from RCS exposure - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Dec 2017)

Change and challenge ahead for quarry sector - Contractor (21 Dec 2018)



The industry in perspective - Q&M Magazine (2 Nov 2017)

New CoC standards a win for industry - MinEx (22 Nov)

Stop trainees dropping out of MITO-funded courses - MinEx - Inside Resources (20 Nov 2018)



New MinEx head eyes health and safety - Mining NZ (Spring 2017)

Alarming incidence of vehicle collisions - Australian Mine Safety (7 Sept)

MinEx encouraged by mentor response - Inside Resources (29 Sep 2017)



Beyond paper cuts - Safeguard update (14 Aug 2017)

MinEx proposes new qualifications framework - Inside Resources (22 Aug)

Wayne Scott: Bringing together 'us' and 'them' - Contractor (29 Aug 2017)



Rocks and hard places - Safeguard update (31 July 2017)

Rocks and hard places - Safeguard (July/Aug 2017)

MinEx seeks quarry CoC mentors - Inside Resouces (17 July)

Quarry NZ: MinEx flags fatalities, training as priorities - Inside Resources (21 July)


WorkSafe advice on silica dust


Proposed changes to silica standards